Safety is our prime concern.

Before attempting to illuminate your new dwelling
please read the following carefully:

We recommend the use of low voltage/wattage lighting where possible as the safest and coolest method.
Where this is outside, ensure that transformers/plugs/sockets etc.are always sited in the dry.
Always connect through a trip switch and test this regularly.
Always turn off the power when adjusting or changing bulbs.
Always allow time for the bulb and dwelling to cool down before handling.
Using tea lights / night lights:
These give a very pleasing and flickering effect but must always be used with great care.
We recommend that they are only used outside unless every possible precaution is taken against fire and burns.
Always mount the dwelling and tea light on a non-flammable surface such as stone, brick or tile.
Keep flammable materials, such as paper, cloth, dry flowers etc. well away.
Keep flammable liquids, such as turpentine, spirits etc. well away.
Keep children, pets (and adults) away from the dwelling, even after the light goes out- IT WILL BE VERY HOT!
Always allow the dwelling to cool down before handling.
Never never leave the lit tea light unattended.
Thankyou for reading this and we hope you enjoy your Dingley Dwelling in perfect safety for years and years and years....